Mar 3, 2016

Vibgyor High School opening

    Get a briefing at the beginning of the day and assist the Main Teacher in implementing the plan for the day.
    Manage the classroom responsibly i.e. orderly and timely arrangement, preparing charts and maintain an environment that is conducive to learn within the classroom.
    Participate and assist the Main Teacher in providing individual attention during support programs.
    Observe students performance and provide the Main Teacher with valuable inputs.
    Prepare and receive homework files.
    Be responsible for the emotional and physical well being of every child.
    Be approachable and treat students fairly and objectively.
    Inculcate discipline in and out of the classroom.
    Ensure that all children pay attention to the Lesson plan delivered
    Supervise students at all times in the school premises.
    Identify students with special needs and communicate the same to the Main Teacher.

Company Profile:
Vibgyor High School
VIBGYOR High has been created with a vision to provide dynamic learning environment, which stimulates the holistic development of learners. Our curriculum offers learning beyond traditional methods & integrates a progressive approach involving innovation, communication, problem solving and teamwork.
We are committed to providing an exciting, individualized environment, which stimulates intellectual curiosity; enhances creativity; builds self-esteem and confidence; fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity; and inspires a sense of social responsibility.
Recruiter Name:HRD
Contact Company:Vibgyor High School


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